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Clansmen -
I am truly humbled for the honour of being nominated and confirmed as Commander of this unique Family.
For nearly twenty years we have sponsored tents at various Scottish events, published newsletters, met annually, and bonded together our several thousand kinsmen from over 20 countries.
We have both uncovered our history and challenged family legend. We have worked to both discover and preserve our heritage: conducting historical, genealogical and DNA research, capturing the scattered history of our family and of its migration. It is because of an intense and enduring pride in name and family and of that unique trait called kinship that we have pursued this course.
Now recognized by the Court, it gives us a great opportunity to work with vendors who supply fictitious MacAlpine heritage items, kilt pins, Family Crests and fictionalized histories. We will begin to work with these vendors and as we progress, we can correct the misinformation about our history.
Recognition also opens up participation in some events where we have not previously been permitted. More importantly, it is a formal recognition that we are unique, distinct, different…... If I may say ….. Uncommon.
We are not a sept of somebody else, nor a forgotton name.
Special thanks goes to all those who have contributed so much to get us here today; to Kenneth McAlpine who founded this effort so long ago, to the many officers and members who have nurtured it, and sustained this effort.
I have had the honour of meeting and enjoying the kinship of MacAlpines at gatherings in Scotland, Canada, South Africa, England, Sweden, and all over the US. I look forward to more in the future.
This is an historic moment for our family, one we shall long remember.
For me, it brings to mind Joel 1, 3 where the prophet commands us “Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation.”
Yours sincerely,
Michael T. McAlpin