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Clan Roll Call

The Society maintains the Clan Roll Call, which represents a listing of persons declaring themselves to be members of the Clan at-large who support the efforts of the Society

The Executive Committee of the Society is the final authority on all matters regarding The Clan Roll Call. Confidential personal information that you submit is used only for Society purposes and will not be released to outside parties without your prior approval.

Qualifications: Registration in The Clan Roll Call is reserved for any person of Scottish ancestry who bears the surname of MacAlpine, however spelled, or married to or descended from a MacAlpin(e) and, in keeping with Scottish traditions, others who want to be associated with the MacAlpin(e)s.

Some Variant Spellings: Albain, Albanach, Albin, Ailpein, Allphin, Alpin, Alpine, Alpyn, Alpynsone, Calpin, Calpine, Culpen, Elphin, Galpin, Galpine, Gilpin, Halpin, Halpine, MacAilpein, MacAlipine, MacAlpan, MacAlpane, MacAlpeine, MacAlpeinne, MacAlpen, MacAlphine, MacAlpin, MacAlpie, MacAlpin, MacAlpy, MacAlpye, MacAlpyn, MacAlpyne, MacApline, MacCalpin, MacCalpine, MacCapie, MacCappie, MacCappin, MacCappine, MacCappy, MacCapy, MacCarpin, MacColpin, MacColpine, MacCoplan, MacCoplin, MacCoppin, MacCoppine, MacCorpin, MacCorpine, Mackalpe, MacKalpin, Makalpe, Makcalpy, Makcalpyn, Malcalpyn, M’Alpen, M’Alpin, M’Alpine, M’Alpyn, McAlpain, McAlpan, McAlpane, McAlpe, McAlpen, McAlphin, McAlphine, McAlpie, McAlpien, McAlpil, McAlpin, McAlpine, McAlpion, McAlpon, McAlpy, McAlpyn, M’Calpin, M’Calppin, M’Calpy, M’Calpyne, M’Cappe, M’Cavpy, McCalpie, McCalpin, McCalpy, McCapen, McCawpyn, McCulpen, McKelpin, M’Kalpie, MkKalpy

Yes! Add my name to The Clan Roll Call. I want to show my support for my Clan and the efforts of the Society. I understand that I am under no financial obligation as a result of adding my name to The Clan Roll Call and I can remove my name at any time.

Please send your name, address, and email address, along with the number of people that you are enrolling

Clan MacAlpin(e) Society Membership