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Membership Information

The Clan MacAlpin(e) Society is the only worldwide Clan MacAlpin(e) organization in existence today. Here, MacAlpin(e)s and our friends gather to share and preserve our history, develop kinship, and have fun!

Membership is open to all who are MacAlpin(e)s and all derivative names, or married to or descended from a MacAlpin(e) and, in keeping with Scottish traditions, others who want to be associated with theMacAlpin(e)s.

Through your membership in the Clan MacAlpin(e) Society, you can support your Clan in its efforts to get the word out about our efforts to bring our kinsmen together and grow our membership. We have several hundred years of catching up to do! Additionally, through your membership in the Society, you help to preserve the records of the Clan's history and, to sponsor the Clan's presence at Highland Games.

Benefits of membership include: Automatic inclusion in the Clan Roll Call, a subscription to the Society's newsletter kinship opportunities with persons having a common heritage, notices about important events, and more!

Clan MacAlpin(e) Society Membership Form